Teacher Training

Tantra Power
Yoga Academy

Early Bird registration is now open for 2018: Save $500 before 2/10




Teacher Training

Tantra Power
Yoga Academy

Early Bird registration is now open for 2018: Save $500 before 2/10




Teacher Trainings & Immersions

TANTRA POWER YOGA ACADEMY INCLUDES 3 LEVELS OF TRANSFORMATIONAL COURSES: 100, 200, AND 500 Hours. These programs can be taken by individuals interested in learning to become yoga teachers and those who do not wish to teach but want to upgrade life on all levels through yoga. No yoga experience is necessary to begin.    

Spring 100 & 200 HOUR SESSIONS START march 9-11


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MARCH 3-24, 2018: SOLD OUt


100 Hour: Yoga Thrive immersion

  • One Saturday Per Month for 6 Months 
  • Unlimited Yoga Classes at Tantra Power Yoga Studio 
  • Learn 3 Styles of Yoga Asanas: Hot Yoga Vinyasa, Classical Hatha, and Restorative
  • Expert Instruction in Yoga Postures, Anatomy, Meditation, History and Philosophy
  • 5-Day Retreat (cost is not included in the price of tuition)


Spring Session Begins March 10

Cost: $1695.

Early Bird Registration by February 10 Save $300


200 Hour: Yoga Evolution IMMERSION: For Anyone Wanting to immerse in Yoga but Not Wanting to Become a Teacher

  • One Weekend Per Month for 6 Months
  • Unlimited Yoga Classes at Tantra Power Yoga Studio 
  • Learn 3 Styles of Yoga Asanas: Hot Yoga Vinyasa, Classical Hatha, and Restorative
  • Expert Instruction in  Anatomy, Meditation, History, and Philosophy 
  • 5-Day Retreat (cost is not included in the price of tuition)



Spring Session Starts March 9-11

Cost: $3400/ $2400 for High School Students

Early Bird Registration SAVE $500 before February 10


 200 Hour Teacher Training Program

  • One Weekend Per Month for 6 Months or 6 Consecutive Weekends in the Summer Intensive
  • Unlimited Yoga Classes at Tantra Power Yoga Studio 
  • Learn 3 Styles of Yoga Asanas: Hot Yoga Vinyasa, Classical Hatha, and Restorative
  • Expert Instruction in Anatomy, Meditation, History, Philosophy,  and Teaching Methodology
  • 5-Day Yoga Retreat (cost not included in the price of tuition)
  • Yoga Alliance Teacher Certification


Spring Session Starts March 9-11

Cost: $3400/ $2400 for High School Students

Early Bird Registration SAVE $500 before February 10


500 HOUR TEACHER TRAINING PROGRAM (For Teachers with a YA 200 Hour Certification)

  • One Weekend Per Month for 6 Months PLUS 7-DAY Intensive Retreat (Retreat Cost is Not Included in the Price of Tuition)
  • Unlimited Yoga Classes at Tantra Power Yoga Studio
  • Advanced Instruction In Classical Hatha, Hot Yoga Vinyasa, and Restorative Yoga Asanas
  • Advanced Instruction In Concentration and Meditation Practices including Shamatha (stabilization), and Vipashyna (Introspection)
  • Advanced Instruction in Pranayama and Energy Movement throughout the Body
  • Advanced Instruction in Tantric Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics including in-depth reading of Original Yogic Texts including Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, and The Bhagavad Gita
  • 300 Hour Students will be Required to Complete 20 Hours of FREE COMMUNITY YOGA to an UNDERSERVED POPULATION and Host an 8-Hour Workshop, Retreat, or Intensive to a group of their choice

Spring Session Starts May 4-6

Early Bird Registration SAVE $500 before February 10

Cost: $3750/

All 3 Programs Will Ensure That You:

  • Create More Energy, Better Sleep, and a Better Diet
  • Create A Full or Part-Time Teaching Career Path if you are in the Teacher Training
  • Benefit from a Hugely Supportive Yoga Community to Support Your Health Evolution

Tantra Power Yoga Academy participants learn the fundamentals of 3 Distinct Yoga styles including Hot Yoga Vinyasa, Restorative Yoga, and Classical Tantric Hatha Yoga. Intensive training in these 3 styles gives students the practical fundamentals and a deep understanding of the science and philosophy behind these practices. Students will also develop strong meditation and pranayama practices.   The combination of this broad base of knowledge allows our students to go on to develop their own unique style and passion to serve populations as diverse as children, adolescents, skiers, Beginners, veterans, baby boomers, athletes and cancer survivors.

Teaching yoga requires many skills and a broad base of knowledge.  Our program encourages students to develop discipline and focus from the very first day, while also developing a unique personal style and voice.  Our group learning environment will support students in becoming more successful as  teachers, mentors, and human beings.  Skills include:

  • Speaking clearly and effectively
  • Sequencing inspiring yoga classes
  • Making helpful hands-on adjustments
  • Integrating yoga philosophy and spirituality into teaching and living
  • Creating safety through alignment and body mechanics
  • Contributing to the community in a meaningful way through yoga
  • Marketing as a yoga teacher
  • Teaching asana, pranayama, and meditation effectively

In this training students will also learn to create their own workshops, retreats, and private classes.


Graduates receive credentials at the 200-RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher Level) or 500-RYT (after completing the 300 Hour course) recognized throughout the world as the standard for Professional Yoga Instructors

2018 Training Dates And Times: 


100 and 200 Hour Spring 2018

March 9-11

April 13-15

May 18-21

June 8-10

July 20-22

August 17-19

Sept Retreat 5-9 + Graduation!

500 Hour Spring/Summer Intensive

May 4-6

June 1-3

July 6-8

July 23-29 Vision Quest 7-Day Retreat

August 3-5, 10-12 Graduation!



A $500 non-refundable deposit for the 100 and 200 hour courses and a $750 non-refundable deposit for the 300 hour course is due with your application to reserve your space.   

 Note: The $500 and/or $750 deposit is included in the total price of tuition.

program tuition:

Tuition for the courses includes a course manual, and all instruction and unlimited classes at the studio. It does not include the cost of the retreat (the summer Vision Quest retreat is a small fee for camping and the Winter Retreat includes cost for room at the chosen retreat center). Tuition must be paid in full by the start date of the course.  Full tuition for the course is non-refundable after the start date even when participants fail to complete the course.  

Required Materials For The 100 And 200 Level Courses

  • Tantra the Path of Ecstasy, by Georg Feurstein
  • Meditations from the Mat,  by Rolf Gates
  • Essential Spirituality, by Roger Walsh
  • Anatomy of Spirit, by Caroline Myss
  • The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali: Swami Satchitananda
  • Yoga Teachers Toolbox, by Joseph and Lilian LaPage
  • The Key Poses of Yoga: Ray Long (optional)
  • The Key Muscles of Yoga: Ray Long (optional) 
  • Feeding Your Demons: Lama Tsultrim Allione (optional) 

Cancellation Policy

No refunds or credits are available after the start of the course for cancellation including if a student voluntarily leaves or decides not to attend or not to complete the Program.

Absence Policy

Due to the intensive nature of this course, absence from any of the modules or the 5-Day or 7-Day retreat will result in failure to complete the course.  Missed Modules can be made up on the next cycle and must be completed within 12 calendar months. 


tantra power yoga teacher training idaho
This program and its teachers have gone above and beyond & I feel that all of my expectations of the program have been overwhelmingly met and more. Within this training a family has been built, and needless to say it has become one of the most comfortable and safest places to share feelings, insights, and opinions amongst a group. 

Anyone who is interested in furthering his or her yoga, health, and fitness knowledge, looking for an opportunity to explore the self, or wanting to be a part of a life changing program, I highly recommend Tantra Power Yoga’s teacher training because of its many outstanding instructors, the incredible information that is learned, and the personal growth that I have observed in myself and all the other participants...I am thrilled to have committed my time and efforts to this teacher training and I cannot wait to share this powerful knowledge with others.
— Alyssa Tomevi: Age 18, Graduated August 2015

I went on my first Big Creek Yoga retreat with Jodie Lea 2 years ago.  What an experience!  Such an incredible and moving journey over those 5 days in the woods.  I knew I would never be the same.  I also had no idea at the time what that retreat was preparing me for over the next two years.  

About a month after this retreat, I found out about my dad’s cancer diagnosis.  I was completely unaware the impact that diagnosis was going to have on me over the next 18 months.  There were countless moments of sadness, anger, tears, and struggles.  It was through my husband’s and family’s love and support, Jodie’s words and guidance, and my yoga and meditation practice that I was finally able to find some clarity, strength and peace. 

I had dabbled in yoga over the years and always loved it.  The problem was, I would go regularly for about 6-9 months and then stop for long gaps.  I would just begin to glimpse the effects a regular practice has on you, then life would get in the way and yoga would slip away.  

I have many friends who had gone through yoga teacher trainings and had talked about how it had changed their lives for the better.  It had always intrigued me for the personal growth and development, but I really didn’t want to teach yoga, so I figured it wasn’t for me.  After lots of contemplation, I finally decided I needed to step up and continue the work I had started over the previous 18 months.  I knew I wasn’t finished on that path of discovery and decided this would be a safe place to further my journey.

During that first module in March I felt a change within me.  I knew immediately that this wasn’t going to be an easy journey, but one that was going to be worth taking.  Since that time, I feel I have grown as a teacher, a friend, a wife, but most of all, as a human being.  In July we finished up our Big Creek Retreat as part of our Teacher Training.  At the closing of the retreat, feeling like I had come full circle from two years ago, all I could say was, “My Heart is Full”.  

I can’t say enough about this program and these people I got to share it with.  There are a lot of amazing and talented people in this town to learn from, but I was lucky enough to have Jodie open the doors and set out the welcome mat for me.  To support me when I needed the help and to nudge me when I was afraid to leap.  I feel truly blessed and am so excited to see what’s in store for my next chapter.  Namaste.
— Tiffany Hakes Dobbs, Graduated August 2015

My name is Sydney and I graduated from the 200 Hour Teacher Training program in February, 2017. This journey gave me a solid community of people to come back to and some of the most insightful discussions I’ve gotten to take part of. Having each module go in order of the chakras really helped me feel complete by the end of the program. I was able to refine the asanas I’ve become accustomed to and expand my expertise with each pose. I was also able to make it to so many more yoga classes in the week because students receive free classes while in the program. I’ve learned so much from the teachers and students at Tantra and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to dive deeper into the self, become more confident & connected and also feel like they belong somewhere.
— Sydney Eastman, Graduated February, 2017
Tantra power yoga teacher training idaho