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I completed the 6 week intensive 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training with Tantra Power Yoga. It has enriched my life spiritually, mentally, and physically. Within weeks, 10 years of chronic back pain and migraines were alleviated and diminished.

Jodie Lea is an exceptional teacher. Her love of Yoga shines through into her teachings, creating a kind and genuine experience for her students. I feel blessed for this opportunity and confident taking my practice out into the world.

What are you waiting for!? Let Tantra Power Yoga enhance your journey and take you to where you want to be.
— Kelly Mills, Eugene, OR

I graduated from the 300 Hour Teacher Training in 2016-17.

The quote by Judith Lasater Hanson has always resonated with me; and now, following the 300 Hour program, it resonates even more deeply: “I teach for myself and practice for my students.” In this program, I found the depth and richness of my personal yoga practice, which enlivens my passion for sharing the joy of yoga with my students.

We explored of the spiritual and philosophical side of yoga; deepening what I had begun dabbling in (many years ago) in my 200-program. We practiced and practiced all eight limbs of yoga to experience and embody what we were learning. And, of course, we practiced teaching - learning to find and refine our own voices as teachers.

All of this has been so powerful in my life - both on an off the mat. However, one of the most nurturing, powerful, and unexpected consequences of this program was connecting my TRIBE. This community of amazing people: curious, excited and passionate about yoga.

I would recommend this program to others, but only if you are ready to dig deep, and live a more compassionate life.
— Emily Simpson, McCall, ID
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I graduated from the 200 hour program. This journey gave me a solid community of people to come back to and some of the most insightful discussions I’ve gotten to take part of. Having each module go in order of the chakras really helped me feel complete by the end of the program. I was able to refine the asanas I’ve become accustomed to and expand my expertise with each pose.

I was also able to make it to so many more yoga classes in the week because students receive free classes while in the program. I’ve learned so much from the teachers and students at Tantra and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to dive deeper into the self, become more confident & connected and also feel like they belong somewhere.
— Sydney Eastman

When I started practicing yoga I had no idea what I was getting myself into. First of all, lots of love and affection were waiting for me at sign in. My first class was awesome, so I kept going to more classes. I really felt better every time I left class. Then I was approached by Jodie about teacher training. I had read the posters on the classes,but I was not sure if teaching was for me. Boy was I wrong. I love teaching yoga. My advice to you if you are thinking about teacher training with Jodie is....do it...do it ASAP. You will be so happy you did. Namaste.
— Holly Kunsky
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yoga teacher training mccall idaho
Greetings Everyone! I’m writing to tell you what an amazing and transformative journey the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training program with Tantra Power Yoga was for me in 2015. I was 18 years old and about to graduate from McCall-Donnelly High School when I joined the program. I knew little about yoga, but once I dove into this ancient practice I soon realized there was much more to yoga than getting a good work out. This program and its teachers went above and beyond & I feel that all of my expectations of the program were overwhelmingly met and more.

Anyone interested in furthering his or her yoga, health, and fitness knowledge, looking for an opportunity to explore the self, or wanting to be a part of a life changing program, I highly recommend Tantra Power Yoga’s teacher training because of the personal growth that I have observed in myself and all the other participants.
— Alyssa Tomevi, McCall, ID

My name is Jessica Shotwell and I am 18 years old. I graduated from McCall-Donnelly High School a few months ago and will be heading off to Idaho State University at the end of August. I started Jodie’s 200 Hour Teacher Training Program in March. As a senior in high school, I didn’t have a whole lot of free time between homework, studying for exams, and writing scholarship essays. However, I decided that I could turn my small amount of down time into yoga time, which, let’s face it, is a lot better than down time. Jodie’s program was an easy pick. During the 2014 fall cross country season, she generously offered free Friday yoga classes for my team to help with relaxation and breathing during races. The result for me was both a more positive running experience and a more positive attitude. Based on this beneficial initial experience, I decided that I would like to learn more about the practice of yoga in the safe and fun environment that Jodie offers. Heading into the first teacher training module, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was a little intimidated, but any fears or insecurities that I initially had were immediately relieved. The atmosphere in Jodie’s classes is welcoming and comfortable. The group has become a wonderful little yoga family to me and through the training I have learned to better manage my stress levels and have developed a more profound appreciation for the people around me and for the world as a whole. I hope to use the knowledge that I have gained throughout the program to teach classes during college and to encourage others to lead a more healthy, active, loving, and peaceful lifestyle. My advice to anyone interested in Jodie’s Teacher Training Program is to make the time for it and get dedicated. It’s a lot of work, but it’s definitely worth it.
— Jessica Shotwell

I joined the Tantra Power Yoga tribe this past winter for a journey through the 300 Hour teacher training program. My journey began with one little question, “Jodie,” I asked, “Do you know how I can be more happy in my life?” There is a story behind what her answer was at the time, but I want to say that as it turns out, she did know and she was more than happy and generous in sharing with me exactly what it was I had asked for. Now it my turn to share!

Spiritual evolution wasn’t even part of my vocabulary before going through the 300 hour yoga teacher training at Tantra Power Yoga, and if it were, it would have been relegated to the “that’s not what I do” section of my psyche. But here I am actually posting about faith and transformation and, dare I say, spirituality! Posting something other than photos of my darling children and sharing the fun snippets with general feel good sayings, careful not to expose too much, protecting, guarding, holding back. Like I was saying, leaning into fear, realizing it is fear of connection: what will they think? expect? judge? BUT now OWNING IT; check this out! Yoga teacher training is not just about teaching yoga, it is connecting with ourselves and embracing all that we are behind the fear, the anxiety, the insecurity, the self judging; it is being vulnerable and giving and receiving love! It is belonging. OK? OK.

Transformation is faith. Faith that within each one of us is good, that every living being has the capacity for love and kindness and compassion. That practicing and learning mindfulness will help us to access these qualities. Yoga guides this faith, trains us in our pursuit of these qualities that bring such joy to us and to those around us. I know that others too can enhance their own experience in life with yoga!

I came to Tantra Power Yoga’s 300 hour teacher training wondering what all this talk of transformation is about. I knew I was seeking something; I wanted to find a way to be more happy in my life and I wanted to become a better yoga teacher. I will say that I found both; admittedly, I am still (and will likely always be) on the path of this transformation business, but I did find a way to live more wholeheartedly, leaning into my fears and insecurities, and seeing a way through with love and kindness and compassion. I would love for you to join us and see for yourself!
— Kasey Rose

My wife and I began this path of yoga in early 2009 with Jodie’s free community classes that she taught as part of her own yoga teacher training. We had very recently moved to McCall, and it truly was a godsend for both of us. I was recovering from the seriously debilitating effects of cancer treatment. The surgery had removed much of the muscle of the left side of my neck resulting in permanent numbness and reduced mobility and strength in my left arm and shoulder (especially over-head). The radiation had substantially impaired swallowing and salivary functions and requires me still to always have a water bottle nearby. Since then, I also have had stainless steel hip joints implanted on both sides due to premature wearing out of the cartilage potentially as a result of a hereditary predisposition to a form of rheumatoid arthritis, combined with a very active life that included (and still does) skiing (and patrolling), river-running (and guiding), hiking, biking, camping and back-country big game hunting.

Certain yoga postures are now a physical impossibility for me. Padmasana (the classic Lotus posture for meditation) is entirely out of the question for me. But to quote a well-known movie character- “a man’s just got to know his limitations”. And how to make creative and extensive use of props as needed.

I undertook yoga instructor training primarily to expand my own personal realization of this ancient knowledge and practice for integrating and developing the human mind, body, and spirit to the fullest and highest potential, in accordance and alignment with the infinite and ultimate nature, power and consciousness of the Universe, but without being bounded by specific practices or philosophies. Also I began the training in preparation for my retirement which began in May 2015 after an extensive and varied professional career in the environmental sciences and natural resource management, the last phase of which involved an especially challenging and stressful stint of Federal service in a seriously dysfunctional, even toxic workplace. With this training and the associated extensive reading and studies, I am coming more and more to realize that this ancient wisdom of yoga is especially needed now in these modern times, in our fast-paced, stressed-out, and increasingly challenging individual and collective lives.

Perhaps surprisingly, I went into this without any intention of ever teaching. However, now I can see myself teaching yoga. Especially to people like me. To those who have had and/or still have serious health and other challenges. And to those who are just trying to survive and perhaps even thrive in their hectic lives from one day to the next. To aging baby boomers entering the final phases of life but who don’t want to just retire to the golf course or the sofa in front of the TV or computer game monitor, or to simply fade away indulging in the newly-legal recreational pursuit now available here in Washington, the state my wife and I were born in and now reside. Even to young people trying to make sense of this world and make their own way in it. And to all who want to further develop a sound and healthful mental, physical, and spiritual foundation for living this life to the fullest.

Also I can see myself teaching yoga in support to an excellent program at the local YMCA where my wife and I regularly attend classes that has been developed over the years by dedicated, excellent, and open-minded staff and which serves a very diverse range of participants in a very cost-effective manner. I can see myself teaching primarily in a somewhat slower-paced, more adaptive style using appropriate props, yet able to coach others to go where I can’t because of my physical limitations.

From the very beginning, I wanted to learn more about yoga in its traditional forms and historical context, not the trendy franchised brands featuring contrived environments and practices that cater to the latest trends in fashionable modern consumer culture. And I wanted to learn from competent, well-grounded and well-rounded experienced teachers in as traditional a manner as possible, where knowledge and wisdom are passed on from previous generations of accomplished teachers to students.

This yoga instructor training has been a substantial financial and time commitment and requires serious physical effort, plus hours and hours of reading and studying the required textbooks, especially travelling nearly 400 miles from Wenatchee, WA to McCall for three intensive days a month over a half a year. I have been drawn in deeper than I ever initially imagined. And I now see it as truly a life-long journey, without a specific destination, and likely without an end.

When Jodie began her yoga instructor training program in her own yoga studio, there was never any question in my mind that if I was ever going to do this, it would be with her and her associates. I certainly haven’t regretted it. And I don’t think she will either when over time she sees what she has helped create - in all of us, in McCall, in this world, and in the Universe.
— Michael A. Beckwith