Teacher Training In Majorca, Spain

Teacher Training
In Majorca


Teacher Training In Majorca, Spain

Teacher Training
In Majorca

 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training
MARCH 3-24, 2018


Please Join Sensei Beate Stolte and Jodie K Lea in an unimaginably beautiful island location for an incredible, life changing 21-day training March 3-24, 2018. This will be a 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training on the beautiful island of Majorca in Spain. Jodie K Lea will co-teach this retreat with international Zen Meditation teacher Sensei Beate Genko Stolte (see her bio below). 

Are you ready for this?

If you want to become a yoga teacher or if you want to upscale your life by dropping into a deep and transformative yoga experience, this training is for you. It will require a strong commitment to personal growth through sustained practice and focus over 21 days.

I completed the 6 week intensive 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training with Tantra Power Yoga. It has enriched my life spiritually, mentally, and physically. Within weeks, 10 years of chronic back pain and migraines were alleviated and diminished.

Jodie Lea is an exceptional teacher. Her love of Yoga shines through into her teachings, creating a kind and genuine experience for her students. I feel blessed for this opportunity and confident taking my practice out into the world.

What are you waiting for!? Let Tantra Power Yoga enhance your journey and take you to where you want to be.
— Kelly Mills, Eugene OR
yoga teacher training retreat majorca

What to Expect from Day to Day

The Tantra Power Yoga 200 Hour Program is an incredibly fun, rich, and deep learning experience. You do not have to start the program knowing that you want to teach yoga. YOU ONLY NEED TO HAVE A DEEP DESIRE TO IMPROVE YOUR LIFE FOR THE BETTER ON ALL LEVELS. Since this is a Yoga Alliance Certified program, we cover all the required topics so that you can become an RYT-200 (Registered Yoga Teacher - 200 Hour Level).


Techniques, Training and Practice

This is the actual practice of the 3 styles of yoga in our program: Hot Yoga Vinyasa, Classical Hatha, and Restorative yoga. This also includes extensive practice of meditation, pranayama (breath work), and mantras. We will be under the guidance of international Zen Meditation teacher Sensei Beate Genko Stolte during this training. (See her bio below) 

Teaching Methodology

This includes skill in communication, public speaking,  creating transformational space, managing time and relationships. These are useful skills for any career or path in life. 

Anatomy and Physiology

Basic understanding of the benefits of yoga on all the systems of the body and safety concerns in yoga practice. We also focus intensively on energetic anatomy including the chakras and pranas. 

Ethics, Philosophy and Lifestyle

Understanding the ethical,  philosophical and historical underpinnings of Tantra Yoga will support you in creating an over-the-top healthy and empowered lifestyle. 


As the training progresses all trainees will be required to teach 10, 15, 30 minute mini-classes and finally a 75- minute class including asana, meditation, and pranayama. These teaching opportunities will hone your skills, knowledge and confidence and give you a chance to show what you know and share your passion with others. 

yoga teacher training retreat majorca villa
yoga teacher training retreat majorca villa

Location & Accommodations

We will be staying in a beautiful, 5-bedroom, stone VILLA with a swimming pool on a quiet hillside overlooking the Tramuntana Mountains about a 5 minute walk from Campenet, Majorca. This idyllic environment will give us the space to focus wholeheartedly on our yoga journey together. The VILLA has 3 bedrooms with two single beds, so you will be sharing a room with one person and there are 2 shared bathrooms for the group. 

The Villa has a fully equipped, spacious kitchen and indoor and outdoor dining and living areas with plenty of patio space around the salt water filtered swimming pool. In March the morning and evenings will be cool but the winter season in the Balearic Islands is definitely over and daytime temperatures should be between 60-80 degrees and sunny. On cool mornings and evenings we will have a fire in the fireplace. 

While the Villa is not small, we will still be living in close quarters, sharing living, cooking, and bathroom space. Please factor in your comfort level with living closely with others when you decide to join this program. If you decide you would like a single room an extra fee of $500 will be charged. You may arrive a couple of days early (March 1) and stay at the Villa to sleep off jet-lag at no extra cost. 


Because of the intensive nature of this program and the diversity of everyone's dietary needs, we will all eat on our own during the program. This means we will each purchase our own groceries and prepare our own meals for 6 days of the week. One day of the week (our "day off") we will grocery shop and eat together, either in a communal meal at the villa or in one of the many wonderful restaurants on Majorca. The COST of food is NOT included in the cost of the program as each person will budget according to their own needs. Keep in mind that because we will be practicing so much yoga and meditation during the days you will want to eat LIGHT, CLEAN, and SIMPLE and there will not be a lot of time for elaborate cooking. The cost of food in Majorca is similar to the cost of food in the US. No alcohol is permitted during the program. 

yoga teacher training retreat majorca spain


Our daily schedule will involve 12-hour days, 6 days per week. It is imperative that you show up for this program in good health and ready for sustained focus. The yoga, meditation, and supportive group learning environment with give you more energy than you have possibly ever experienced in your life. Breaks will be built into every day, and as the program progresses there will be more time for solo study and preparation for practicum teaching. 

Saturdays - Thursdays: March 3-8, 10-15, 17-24

6:30am: Wake up, lite breakfast
7:00-7:25: Morning Meditation w/Sensei Stolte
7:30-7:55: Meditation with Sensei
8:00-9:15: Morning Vinyasa Yoga
9:15-9:45: Guided Meditation
9:45-10:45: Break for Breakfast
10:45-12:30: Workshop
12:30-2:30: Lunch and Break
2:30-4:30: Workshop
4:30-6:00: Classical Hatha Yoga Practice
6:00-7:00: Dinner
7:00-8:00: Dharma Talk with Sensei
8:00-9:00: Restorative Yoga
9:00-9:25: Meditation
9:25-10:00: Quiet Study Time
10:00: Lights Out

Fridays: Day Off
On our days off we will go grocery shopping and take an excursion to the beach or a hike in the Tramuntana Mountains, visit the beautiful city of Palma with the famous Cathedral and eat out at a wonderful restaurant. We will make decisions about our days off together as a group as the time comes. 

My Co-Teacher: Sensei Beate Genko Stolte

It is a true honor to be able to have Sensei Stolte with us during this program. I met Beate at a meditation retreat in Italy in 2016 and we became friends. Beate is an internationally known Zen Meditation teacher and a wonderful friend and host. She hosts silent retreats at the Villa in Majorca during the winter months and has graciously invited us to share this space with her in March, 2018. To have the opportunity to learn meditation with this Master is truly amazing. 


Is a Zen teacher and first Dharma successor of Roshi Joan Halifax in the tradition line of Taizan Maezumi Roshi and Bernie Glassman Roshi. She has been practicing Zen Buddhism for over 25 years and has been ordained in the line of Shunryu Suzuki Roshi (Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind).

She is a graduate in business administration and a graduate in economics and has two adult children. She lived, practiced, and taught in Buddhist communities in the US, Switzerland and Germany, and visited Japan for Zen Buddhist studies.

She was a founding member of the Buddhist Study Center / Germany and headed it for 10 years as Managing Director and Director. Beate Genko Stolte led the Upaya Zen Center in the USA for several years as co-abbot and teacher. At the end of 2012 she returned to Europe and is now teaching in the USA and Europe.

Cathedral Of Saint Mary Palma Mallorca Spain


The cost for tuition and accommodations for this 21-day Intensive (plus two additional nights at the Villa before the program starts to settle in and sleep off jet-lag) is $3650 (if paid in full) or $3900 (two payments). If you are making two payments, the first non-refundable 50% payment of $1950 will reserve your space. The second payment will be due by December 15, 2017. 

The availability of the Villa is not guaranteed so non-refundable payments are due now. The program is limited to 5 and will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. 

The cost of the program is non-refundable but it is transferable meaning that if you have to cancel you can transfer your spot to another participant. If no other participant is found your fee is non-refundable. 

Additional costs not included will be: airfare to Palma, Majorca, food, books, and the shared expense of a rental car. With 6 people sharing a rental car for 21-23 days the cost should be about $130 per person. 

All participants will have to fill out a liability form and demonstrate good mental and physical health. You may want to check with your Health Insurance Provider about your Health Insurance coverage in a foreign country. 

yoga teacher training retreat majorca spain


  • A Valid US Passport with expiration date at least 6 months after the end of the program (9-2018)
  • Comfortable Yoga Clothes for cool and warm temperatures. We will practice both indoors and outdoors on the patio. Although we will be practicing "Hot Yoga Flows" we will not actually have a 'heated room.'
  • Your Own Yoga Mat (there are mats at the Villa but you may want to purchase your own "travel mat" or bring your favorite mat. Meditation cushions will be provided). 
  • Layers for Cool Mornings and Evenings
  • An electrical convertor so that you can plug your electronics into the Spain outlets : there is internet access at the Villa 
  • EUROS : convert some dollars into EUROS at your local bank and get a better exchange rate before you travel
  • WhatsAPP: Download WhatsAPP on your phone for FREE International Texting and Calls while you are in Europe
  • Comfortable walking/running shoes
  • Slippers or flip flops for around the Villa
  • Swim suit
  • Laptop/cell phone
  • Sun hat, sun glasses, sun screen
  • Camera, journal, pens
  • Rain coat/hat
  • Any First Aid Items you like to travel with: There is a first aid kit at the Villa
  • Books: You may want to purchase most of your books in electronic format for ease of travel. The Teachers Toolkit will have to be purchased hardbound. For the complete booklist for the program see the TRAININGS section of the site.

Tantric Yoga Vision Quest

Tantric Yoga
Vision Quest

Tantric Yoga Vision Quest

Tantric Yoga
Vision Quest


Tantric Yoga Vision Quest Retreats
August 7-11 and September 6-10, 2017

*Required For All Spring and Summer 100, and 200 Hour Students

AUGUST 7-11 and September 6-10, 2017

A vision quest begins with the desire to in-vision new potentials.

Rumi said: “Judge a moth by the beauty of its Candle.”
Judge yourself by the beauty of your Vision.

Through traditional and up-to-date methods of purification, yoga, ritual, meditation, and walking your quest will take you to untapped sources of creativity, inspiration, and healing.

Pose a question. Revisit a problem. Seek a new perspective. Aspire to something great.

A vision quest is like throwing the best compost on the seed of a desire.

In the Indian and Tibetan Tantric Yoga Traditions, retreats to the mountains for purification and spiritual evolution are of primary importance. This retreat will give you the opportunity to take advantage of the spectacular beauty of the Idaho Backcountry to deepen your yoga and spiritual practice. 

Some questers choose to fast and observe silence. Others take off into the hills for solitude. Others journal and do photography. Others stay close to camp and practice yoga and meditation. The vision quest is open to your own design with the support of an experienced guide.



In the Salmon River Mountains, 1 hour East of McCall, near the Secesh River and the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness


  • Physical healing and rejuvenation
  • Creative Inspiration
  • Emotional Healing and Joy
  • Deepened Connection with Nature and Heightened Consciousness
  • For Wisdom and Vision about a Question, Problem or Issue


This Vision Quest will be 5 days and 4 nights. On the first morning we will assemble at Tantra Power Yoga studio at 8am to begin the drive into the backcountry. We will arrive and set up camp at approximately 10 am after a spectacular drive through the remote Salmon River Mountains,  East of McCall.

Our Vision Quest camp, located next to the pristine waters of the Secesh River, will provide space for car camping and tent camping for no more than 20 people. Setting up camp will take about 2 hours. Once we are settled, the formal retreat will begin and abide by the following schedule. 


2017 Schedule:

First Day

8:00am: Arrive at Tantra Power Yoga Center, load up and drive to Ponderosa Campground: Set Up Camp and Settle In

4:00-6:00 pm: Introduction to Vision Quest and Opening

7:00-9:00pm: Evening Yoga

Days 2-4: Heart of the Retreat

7:00am: Sunrise Meditation
8:00-10:00: Morning Hatha Yoga
10:00-Noon: Breakfast (optional) 
Noon-4: Optional Yoga and Meditation Sessions; Free Time; Walking; Exploration; Visioning; Lunch on Your Own
4:30-6:00: Evening Hatha Yoga
6:00-7:00: Dinner (optional)
7:00-9:00: Evening Session

Last Day

7:00 am: Sunrise Yoga
8:00-9:30: Morning Hatha Yoga
10:30: Breaking of the Fast: Celebration Meal and Closing
Noon-1:00: Break Down of Camp and Leisurely Drive Home
Back to McCall by 3:00 pm

How to Prepare for this Retreat:

Prior to the retreat you will have a consultation with Jodie about your hopes, expectations, fears, and questions about a Vision Quest. Jodie will assist you in clarifying your intentions to maximize the benefits of the retreat. 

What to Bring:

You will be responsible for all of your own camping gear, clothing, food, and accessories. Because everyone has their own dietary plan, we eat meals on our own for the most part. In the past, participants have been generous about sharing cooking gear and other necessities but it is best to plan on providing for your own needs. You can plan to drive your own vehicle so long as it is 4-wheel drive or you can carpool with another participant. The weather can range from snow (below 32 degrees, yes in July!) to the high 80's so plan to come prepared for possible extreme ranges in temperature. You will need your own yoga mat, props, and meditation cushions. A detailed Map, What to Bring List, Waiver, and other important information will be provided upon registration. 



  • Why do I want to go on this Vision Quest?
  • In what area of my life do I have a question, problem, or issue that needs vision, healing, or a new perspective?
  • Would I like to perform purifications? To what degree? Do I wish to fast? Cleanse? Take a vow of silence? Go into solitude? What questions do I have about these purifications?
  • What are my fears?


Upon receipt of your registration we will set up the initial 1-hour consultation to address your questions, plans and intentions for this amazing growth experience. Looking forward to Questing with You!