Tantric Yoga Vision Quest

Tantric Yoga
Vision Quest

July 22-29, 2019


Tantric Yoga Vision Quest

Tantric Yoga
Vision Quest

July 22-29, 2019


Tantric Yoga Vision Quest Retreat
July 22-29, 2019


July 23-29, 2018

A vision quest begins with the desire to in-vision new potentials.

Rumi said: “Judge a moth by the beauty of its Candle.”
Judge yourself by the beauty of your Vision.

Through traditional and up-to-date methods of purification, yoga, ritual, meditation, and walking your quest will take you to untapped sources of creativity, inspiration, and healing.

Pose a question. Revisit a problem. Seek a new perspective. Aspire to something great.

A vision quest is like throwing the best compost on the seed of a desire.

In the Indian and Tibetan Tantric Yoga Traditions, retreats to the mountains for purification and spiritual evolution are of primary importance. This retreat will give you the opportunity to take advantage of the spectacular beauty of the Idaho Backcountry to deepen your yoga and spiritual practice. 

Some questers choose to fast and observe silence. Others take off into the hills for solitude. Others journal and do photography. Others stay close to camp and practice yoga and meditation. The vision quest is open to your own design with the support of an experienced guide.



In the Salmon River Mountains, 1 hour East of McCall, near the Secesh River and the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness


  • Physical healing and rejuvenation

  • Creative Inspiration

  • Emotional Healing and Joy

  • Deepened Connection with Nature and Heightened Consciousness

  • For Wisdom and Vision about a Question, Problem or Issue


This Vision Quest will be 7 days and 6 nights. On the first morning we will assemble at Tantra Power Yoga studio at 8am to begin the drive into the backcountry. We will arrive and set up camp at approximately 10 am after a spectacular drive through the remote Salmon River Mountains,  East of McCall.

Our Vision Quest camp, located next to the pristine waters of the Secesh River, will provide space for car camping and tent camping for no more than 20 people. Setting up camp will take about 2 hours. Once we are settled, the formal retreat will begin and abide by the following schedule. 


2018 Schedule:

First Day

8:00am: Arrive at Tantra Power Yoga Center, load up and drive to the Secesh River: Set Up Camp and Settle In

12:00-2:00 pm: Introduction to Vision Quest and Opening

2:00-9:00pm: TBA

Days 2-6: Heart of the Retreat

7:00am: Sunrise Meditation
8:00-10:00: Morning Hatha Yoga
10:00-Noon: Breakfast (optional) 
Noon-4: Yoga and Meditation Sessions; Free Time; Walking; Exploration; Visioning; Lunch on Your Own
4:30-6:00: Evening Hatha Yoga
6:00-7:00: Dinner
7:00-9:00: Evening Session

Last Day

7:00 am: Sunrise Yoga
8:00-9:30: Morning Hatha Yoga
10:30: Breaking of the Fast: Celebration Meal and Closing
Noon-1:00: Break Down of Camp and Leisurely Drive Home
Back to McCall by 3:00 pm

How to Prepare for this Retreat:

Prior to the retreat you will have a consultation with Jodie about your hopes, expectations, fears, and questions about a Vision Quest. Jodie will assist you in clarifying your intentions to maximize the benefits of the retreat. 

What to Bring:

You will be responsible for all of your own camping gear, clothing, food, and accessories. Because everyone has their own dietary plan, we eat meals on our own for the most part. In the past, participants have been generous about sharing cooking gear and other necessities but it is best to plan on providing for your own needs. You can plan to drive your own vehicle so long as it is 4-wheel drive or you can carpool with another participant. The weather can range from snow (below 32 degrees, yes in July!) to the high 80's so plan to come prepared for possible extreme ranges in temperature. You will need your own yoga mat, props, and meditation cushions. A detailed Map, What to Bring List, Waiver, and other important information will be provided upon registration. 



  • Why do I want to go on this Vision Quest?

  • In what area of my life do I have a question, problem, or issue that needs vision, healing, or a new perspective?

  • Would I like to perform purifications? To what degree? Do I wish to fast? Cleanse? Take a vow of silence? Go into solitude? What questions do I have about these purifications?

  • What are my fears?


Upon receipt of your registration we will set up the initial 30 minute consultation to address your questions, plans and intentions for this amazing growth experience. Looking forward to Questing with You!