Two ways to contribute:

Scholarship Donation

Our Scholarship program funds individuals who apply and whom we feel are sincerely dedicated to learning and contributing to the community but are unable to pay full tuition. Scholarship recipients are required to give back a minimum of 20 hours of Free Community Yoga to underserved populations in the community after they complete the 200 Hour Yoga Certification program. 


Facilities Improvements

We are currently growing our yoga center and these donations will go towards improvements, supplies, and furnishings in our yoga studio, juice bar, dormitory and/or community garden. A full accounting of where donations are spent will go to all donors.


THANK YOU to the Following Donors FOR YOUR GENEROUS SUPPORT of Money, Materials, Labor, time, faith, and Love!

Dannin Thompsonoya Linden, Ginnelle Hellhake and Nicki Dyson: Mtn Java, Richard Pierce, Jubilee Deigitz, Alison and Phil Bradley, Mary and Cassidy Christiansen, Angie Tomevi, Richard and Bonnie Lea, Margaret Pope, Tom Halverson, Kurt Kroll